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Stroll through this picturesque port town, whether you're a romantic getaway, a family outing or a solo adventure. As you stroll along, you'll find a variety of activities around every corner! Don't know where to turn? Don't panic, our team has classified our selection of local discoveries into 3 categories: Nature, Gastronomy and Seaside activities.

All you have to do is come and try them out!



Norman produce and seafood

Early morning visit to Honfleur's markets

Explore Honfleur's culinary universe as you stroll through its typical markets. Every Saturday morning, Place Sainte-Catherine becomes the beating heart of the town with its traditional market. Encircling the wooden church, this weekly event attracts locals and visitors alike, creating a warm and lively atmosphere. The stalls are brimming with fresh produce : our famous Normandy cheeses, Calvados, cider, perries, sausages and charcuterie, fruit, vegetables, cheeses, eggs, meat and fish, all bearing witness to the richness of the Normandy terroir.

Place Sainte-Catherine is transformed into a veritable tableau vivant, where the freshness of seafood rivals that of shrimp. On Wednesday mornings, it's the turn of the organic market to enliven the square. More intimate, this market showcases respectful, sustainable agriculture. You'll find natural cosmetics, organic wines and ciders, and a wide range of ecological products. These markets are an invitation to discover Honfleur's culinary soul, with each stall revealing a facet of local culture.

Immerse yourself in these weekly gatherings for an authentic experience, where each product tells a story of tradition and savoir-faire.

Looking for gustatory treasures at the market? Need a timetable? Read our article on Honfleur's markets.

Enjoy fine food in Honfleur restaurants

When you think of a restaurant in Honfleur, you inevitably think of a table on a terrace overlooking the Vieux Bassin. But good food can be found in every nook and cranny of our town! One thing's for sure: you're bound to find what you're looking for in the heart of our estuary. It' s even a good time to try scallops and prawns freshly caught in the morning !

Our region is home to many world-famous specialties served in Honfleur restaurants. Our gastronomy is complete, from starters like the Normandy salad to desserts like Teurgoule. These are strong elements of Norman and French gastronomy, and the reason for our international reputation.

Not sure which restaurant to choose? Ask us for advice during your spa stay, and we'll suggest establishments to suit your tastes!


Nature walks in Honfleur

Discover the Jardin des Personnalités

This remarkable, well-kept park showcases the most influential figures in Honfleur's historical and cultural heritage.

Set in 10 hectares of greenery, Le Jardin des Personnalités invites you to stroll through the historic center, amidst statues and presentation panels. You'll learn all about the history of our magnificent town as you stroll through the sculptures of famous people that stand beside a lake.

Visit the butterflies at Naturospace

Naturospace is a place where you can discover an Amazonian environment. Birds and butterflies live in total freedom in this plant-filled space dedicated to them. In addition to the impressive, colorful fauna, you'll also find an array of exotic plants in a scenic setting around a small water feature.

Perfect for a change of scenery.

La Forge d'Honfleur: Artistic immersion in the world of Florence Marie

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Florence Marie in Honfleur, by discovering her studio-museum, La Forge, located near the Vieux Bassin. Meet this painter and let yourself be carried away by a world of color and fantasy. La Forge is not just an exhibition space; it's a living house where every nook and cranny tells the story of 30 years of artistic passion.

The studio extends beyond the walls, imbuing the garden with a unique creative dialogue. Florence's works, ranging from stained glass to colorful chapels, captivate and inspire a deep sense of freedom. Her creations, often inspired by nature and animals, offer an unforgettable artistic experience. Come and discover this living museum, where every corner is an invitation to dream and escape.


photo ©Best Jobers

Seaside activities

Water walking in Honfleur

If you're visiting Honfleur with family or friends, we suggest you try an unusual and original activity: water walking! Performed in a group with the help of an experienced instructor, it's a leisure activity that takes place in chest-high water. Your journey will take place on Butin beach. And don't forget that it's a free and accessible activity, with no experience required for ages 15 to 99... So go for it!

Boat trip from the Vieux Bassin

If you're looking for a more leisurely activity, you'll love the famous tourist boat ride.

It's ideal on a sunny day, after a stroll through our cobbled streets. A small privilege: the fishermen who accompany you will also take the opportunity to enliven your sea trip with the history of Honfleur and a detailed topos on our marine heritage, such as the shellfish fishery to which they are so attached.

Horseback riding on Honfleur's beaches

Enjoy a unique experience exploring Honfleur's beaches on horseback at the Centre Équestre de la Morelle. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the Pays d'Auge countryside on horseback. The center offers a variety of activities, from lessons for all levels to fun rides for children, not forgetting magnificent seaside rides for adults.

Among the tours on offer, our favorite is the one along the seafront accompanied by instructor Elise, with horses Calvados and Pomme. From the Honfleur road to the Butin beach, this ride plunges you into an enchanting setting where even the Pont de Normandie appears more majestic. This equestrian escapade offers a magical interlude, perfect for discovering the region in a different way.

Plage du Butin: Côte Fleurie's hidden treasure

Discover Honfleur's Plage du Butin, a unique sensory experience where the sea air and gentle Normandy breeze welcome you. Located at the entrance to the town, this beach is classified as a "Station Balnéaire et de Tourisme " and is the perfect haven for relaxing by the sea. Awarded the Blue Flag since 2010 and classified in category A for the quality of its water, Plage du Butin offers much more than just relaxation.

At the end of the day, the beach becomes an enchanting place, offering spectacular views over the illuminated estuary, creating a magical atmosphere ideal for a memorable evening.

Cycling: 5 Unmissable Routes in Honfleur

Get on your bike and discover the magnificent landscapes of Honfleur and the Pays d'Auge. These 5 cycling itineraries take you through enchanting panoramas, picturesque lanes and the serene horizons of the Seine, promising memorable adventures.

  1. Loop no. 14: "Honfleur and its Impressionist Landscapes".
    Admire the majestic Chapelle de Grâce and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from Mont-Joli.
  2. Loop no. 1: "Stroll along the Seine".
    Cover 37 km of cycle paths between Saint-Pierre-du-Val and Berville-sur-Mer, with a picturesque pause in front of the Pont de Normandie.
  3. Loop no. 2: "Stroll to Fontaine Saint-Laurent".
    Ideal for young cyclists, this 17 km ride in Genneville is punctuated by the charming lavoirs of Calvados.
  4. Loop no. 3: "Au Bord de la Risle" (On the banks of the Risle)
    From Conteville, follow the Moulin valley to Saint-Sulpice-de-Grimbouville for a 2-hour adventure along the river.
  5. Loop 4: "Around Beuzeville
    Challenge yourself on this 25 km route through sunken lanes and undergrowth, with a contemplative pause at the Church of Manneville-La-Raoult.

Immerse yourself in these unique itineraries, where unspoilt nature and rich heritage meet, for unforgettable bike rides in Honfleur. For more information, visit the Honfleur Tourist Office website!


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