Between the sea and the countryside, the magnificent Normandy region offers a multitude of landscapes for you to breathe in the fresh air. And in Honfleur, you'll enjoy the natural charm of our Terre d'Estuaire! Facing the slate houses of the Vieux Bassin and nestled in an exceptional, well-preserved natural setting, you can really recharge your batteries.

A true haven of peace offering a plethora of activities. Not sure what to do in Honfleur? Discover our best ideas for activities to do as a couple or with the family during your relaxing stay with us.

Easter in Honfleur: Discover the treasures of Honfleur!

Explore the treasures of Honfleur with unforgettable activities. The Vieux Bassin, a jewel of changing reflections, fascinates with its timeless beauty. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of traditional and organic markets, vibrant with local flavors. Admire the art of the Eugène Boudin museum, discover the eccentricity of the Maisons Satie, then wander through the charming Jardin des Personnalités. Honfleur reveals its secrets, offering a varied palette of experiences to be savored without moderation. Let yourself be carried away by the cultural richness and natural splendor of this unmissable destination.

Printemps pictural à Honfleur: Le Vieux Bassin, a natural masterpiece

The majestic Vieux Bassin is the undisputed symbol of our destination. An icon among icons, it lends itself to all manner of superlatives: unmissable, memorable, incredible. In this early spring, let yourself be seduced by a stroll along its quays, where the play of the water mirror offers changing reflections under the lights of the Seine Estuary. Celebrate Easter by capturing the magic of this emblematic place, where every moment promises a unique atmosphere. An experience to live, feel and cherish.

Toiles de saveurs: a gastronomic stroll through Honfleur's markets

Discover Honfleur's gastronomic wealth through its emblematic markets. Every Saturday morning, Place Sainte-Catherine comes alive with the colorful bustle of the traditional market. Set around the wooden church, this weekly gathering attracts locals and visitors alike in a convivial atmosphere. Stalls brimming with fruit, vegetables, cheeses, eggs, meats and seafood showcase Normandy's terroir and local freshness.

The Place Sainte-Catherine is transformed into a living canvas, where fish and shrimp compete for freshness. The organic market, held every Wednesday morning, offers a more intimate experience. On the same square, it brings together lovers of organic produce, showcasing respectful, reasoned agriculture. Cosmetics, wines, ciders and a variety of organic products are offered in a friendly and original atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the culinary essence of Honfleur through these markets, where each stall tells a local story.

Easter in Honfleur: a rich calendar of events and activities

Mark your calendars, Honfleur is coming alive for Easter! On the program: "History & Legends" guided tours , the Salon du Vin on April 13 and 14, 2024, and the Salon Passionnément Jardin on April 20 and 21, 2024. Not to be missed: catamaran, paddle and optimist courses, and many other suggestions for varied outings in Honfleur.

Night-time magic: Discover Honfleur's secrets

As night falls, immerse yourself in the enchantment of Honfleur with our "History & Legends" guided tours . Stroll through medieval streets and explore the unsuspected charms of this thousand-year-old city. Honfleur, an old lady over 1000 years old, reveals its mysteries through captivating tales. Let yourself be transported to the heart of the Middle Ages, discover the secrets of the Vieux Bassin, meet the enigmatic Harlequin Salé, and set off in search of the treasure hidden by the pirates. An immersive experience that plunges you into the history and legends of this mysterious maritime city.

Saveurs en Seine: 9th Honfleur Wine Fair

Plunge into the heart of flavors with the 9th Salon du Vin de Honfleur, on April 13 and 14, 2024. Nestled in the prestigious Greniers à Sel in the historic center, this event orchestrated by the Association des Amis du Baron Motard celebrates the diversity of France's wine-growing regions. Fifty independent winemakers invite you to an immersive tasting experience in the exceptional setting of the Greniers à Sel. Away from the ordinary, share convivial moments centered on the trade and the terroir, awakening the senses to the richness of the crus. An authentic experience, where a glass bearing the coat of arms of the town of Honfleur guides you to the discovery of wine excellence.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health.

Jardins en fête: Salon Passionnément Jardin in Honfleur 2024

Enter the lush harmony of Honfleur's Jardin Retrouvé on April 20 and 21, 2024, for the Salon Passionnément Jardin, organized by the Honfleur Jardin association. A friendly, family-friendly event dedicated to lovers of nature and botany. Let yourself be seduced by captivating plant displays, inspiring landscaping ideas and sound gardening advice. Whether you're a novice or an expert, talk to enthusiasts, meet seasoned gardeners and find inspiration for transforming your outdoor space into a haven of peace. A blossoming weekend to celebrate the beauty of greenery in Honfleur.

Boating vacations: thrills on the waves of Honfleur

With the arrival of spring, nautical activities are back, to the delight of young and old alike. From April 22 to May 3, 2024, a wide range of courses are on offer in Honfleur. Catamaran, paddle and optimist courses offer a fun and enriching experience for the whole family. Explore the waters aboard the Topaz 14 catamaran, combining power and safety, or experience the excitement of speed on the Erplast catamaran. For younger sailors, the Optimist, a world-renowned single-handed dinghy, introduces them to the fundamentals of sailing. Perfect for learning balance, steering and propulsion, these courses offer unforgettable moments, combining fun and learning, ideal for the Easter vacations.

Hôtel Eden Spa Honfleur: personalized stays for couples and families...

At the Hôtel Eden Spa, your Honfleur getaway comes to life, offering a range of options ideal for an unforgettable vacation. Choose from our comfort double rooms or superior rooms for a romantic getaway, or opt for one of our family rooms for warm family moments. Start the day with our delicious breakfast buffetand relax in our heated indoor pool and spathen explore Honfleur's local restaurants for a culinary adventure.

Our studios offer total autonomy for those who prefer an independent experience. Take advantage of all the hotel's services and discover the charm of Honfleur, just a few minutes' drive from our establishment. Let yourself be seduced by the comfort, style and exceptional services of the Hôtel Eden Spa, the ideal choice for a varied Easter vacation for couples or families.



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