The Normandie Impressionniste Festival in Honfleur


Eugène Boudin exhibition: Honfleur and Impressionism

The exhibition "In the company of Eugène Boudin (1824-1898)" at the Musée Eugène Boudin in Honfleur, presents paintings, drawings, letters and documents by the artist. It explores his contributions to Impressionism and his links with the Barbizon School. The exhibition, which coincides with the bicentenary of his birth, highlights the influence of the Normandy coastline on the Impressionist movement. It runs from April 20 to August 26, 2024.


Take a guided tour of Honfleur Impressionniste

The "Eugène Boudin et les impressionnistes, Les Etonnants Patrimoines" guided tour offered by Honfleur's tourist office plunges you into the world of painter Eugène Boudin. Accompanied by a guide in period costume, participants explore Honfleur's emblematic sites, paint en plein air and learn about Impressionist techniques. Visits are scheduled for May 3 and September 20, 2024, from 5pm to 7pm.


Normandie Impressionniste Festival in the Pays d'Auge, enjoy events in Trouville sur Mer, Deauville and Lisieux


Augustin Rouart: Artistic immersion in Trouville

The exhibition "Augustin Rouart en son monde" (Augustin Rouart in his world) at the Villa Montebello museum in Trouville-sur-Mer presents the artistic career of Augustin Rouart, marked by Impressionist influence but distinctly his own unique style. The exhibition explores his relationships with figures such as Berthe Morisot and Maurice Denis, his varied works of ceramics and paintings, and his personal drawings dedicated to his son. It runs from April 13 to September 22, 2024, and is accompanied by lectures and cultural events.


"Floating Worlds" at the Fransciscaines de Deauville: Japanese art meets Impressionism

The "Mondes flottants" exhibition at Les Franciscaines de Deauville explores the reciprocal influences between Japanese and French artists, from the Impressionists to contemporary art. By confronting Impressionist works influenced by Japonism with contemporary Asian creations, the exhibition highlights a fruitful artistic dialogue. It runs from June 22 to September 22, 2024.


Fernand Léger in Lisieux: Impressionism and Normandy Nature

The exhibition "Fernand Léger: Retour à la terre" at the Musée d'art et d'histoire de Lisieux explores the artist's deep ties with Normandy. The exhibition presents his works influenced by the Impressionists and Fauves, and highlights his graphic and ceramic creations inspired by nature. In parallel, Studio Les Canailles is offering a complementary exhibition at the Musée du Vieux Manoir in Orbec. This exhibition runs from April 6 to September 15, 2024.


Honfleur: source of inspiration for the Impressionist Masters


Honfleur, a showcase for Impressionism and contemporary art, offers a rich and varied artistic experience all year round. Discover the Impressionist heritage at the Musée Eugène Boudin, explore the diverse art galleries, and take part in the vibrant Nuit des Artistes on August 3, 2024


Impressionism in Honfleur all year round, the Eugène BOUDIN Museum

The Musée Eugène Boudin in Honfleur celebrates Impressionism with its permanent collections and temporary exhibitions dedicated to Eugène Boudin and other Impressionists who found inspiration in this port town.


Art galleries

Honfleur, famous for its art galleries, offers a rich artistic scene where contemporary and classical works rub shoulders, giving visitors a glimpse of the city's creative diversity.


Artists' Night on August 3, 2024

La Nuit des Artistes transforms Honfleur into an open-air gallery, with art performances and installations throughout the town, creating a festive and inspiring atmosphere for art lovers.


Stay at the Hôtel Eden Spa to celebrate 150 Years of Impressionism

To make the most of the Normandie Impressionniste 2024 Festival, the Hôtel Eden Spa in Honfleur is the ideal choice. Located at the entrance to the Outlet Village, this 3-star establishment offers easy access to the region's main Impressionist events.

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